Disabled Toilet Hire

Disabled Toilet Hire

We have a large stock of easy-access disabled toilets available for hire. Our disabled toilets are suitable for all types and sizes of event and come fully equipped for all necessities.

Disabled Toilet Features

  • Toilets are at a lower level and fitted with grab bars to assist with getting up and down, and near the door to facilitate entry and exit
  • Floors are flat for easy access and non-slip
  • Toilets are appropriately sized to accommodate a wheelchair and an extra individual / carer where necessary
  • Door entrance is wide access to avoid any issues with wheelchairs

Portable toilet for disabled in London is specially designed for a wheelchair user. We know Accessibility is more important then everything. There is no threshold lip, so any wheelchair can get in an out so easily. Non-slip flooring and grab bars around the interior walls add to the usability of this suitably designed self-contained unit.


The toilet unit is lower and of course, you have the space to move the chair. As we know Privacy is an important part so it is lockable from the inside. 


If you’re organizing an event, you should factor in a percentage of your Portable toilet units required for disabled people. Ensuring there is enough demand for toilets to suit the event is important. Portable toilet for disabled in London can fulfill your all requirements.