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Portable Toilet Hire have 5 years’ experience in the portable toilet hire in London industry. We supply toilets to a wide range of events and private sites across London and Essex and have the expertise and Knowledge to ensure that you get exactly what your site requires.

Portable Toilet London
 has portable toilets of every description for both long-term and short-term rental options. For nearly Five Years, we have been providing portable-Toilets to the construction industry and for special events throughout London City. We are the leader in the portable sanitation industry, due to our exceptional service, quality products and commitment. We have the largest variety of portable toilets to accommodate any special event or job site,
which includesportable hot wash toilet in Londonportable toilet for disabled in Londonportable toilet for construction sites in Londonportable toilet hire in Londoncustomer own toilet service in Londonportable toilet hire for wedding, and full-service portable toilets that are similar to a bathroom in your home.

In our Portable toilets there is suitable space in which you can easily move yourself and the Toilet seat is so much comfortable. We clean our Toilets on daily basis to remove the dirt and wash them with good care to keep bacteria away from it. That’s why people recommend our service.
Comfortable and dry sitting during the purchase it is of course no luxury but rather a necessity.
In our Portable toilets we have fine quality of Toilet papers and in every new rental we set a new toilet roll in it. Our Portable Toilet includes Bin for throw away the Toilet paper because we don’t want people to throw the used paper in the Toilet seat and make them looks dirty.
Our company is providing high quality service and for any convenience you can contact us on our
helpline we are 24/7 available for our customers.

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